Announcing ‘Visualising Poetry, the Power of Words & Images’

We are excited to announce that our magical book, ‘Visualising Poetry’ is now available to order. It is the result of a collaboration between two photographers, writers and educators, Eileen McCarney Muldoon and myself, Olaf Willoughby.

The concept grew out of our deep love for both poetry and photography.

2 vp process

We started our collaboration by simply selecting poems for each other with the idea of visualising them through the camera.

5 is my soul asleep machado

The results were immediately exciting and took us on the journey of selecting, shooting and sharing images for over fifty poems.

4 sunset

Subtly this shifted us out of our routine ways of seeing and into a deeper aesthetic.  As our body of work emerged it was clear that it needed not only to be read but touched and savoured. This plus the positive reactions we received from fellow artists and workshop participants led us to create this book.

Book review by Peter Miller

“Visualizing Poetry” by Eileen McCarney Muldoon & Olaf Willoughby

“Before I saw the book I loved the concept immediately — two photographers sharing poems with the challenge of creating an image to accompany each poem. “Visualizing Poetry” by Eileen McCarney Muldoon & Olaf Willoughby proves collaboration is powerfully transformative. Most of the images are simply designed yet have a clarity of purpose that mysteriously unites with the poem. The result turns the pages into wonderful moments of serenity.

As you read the book, each pairing of image and poem together is a delightful surprise, a window into your own interpretive senses. Am I reading? Or am I seeing? The merging of image and verse holds more than the sum of its parts. Once finished you will want to start over and see and read and experience them all again. Eileen and Olaf have set a brilliant creative standard and I hope to see their next book soon.”

Peter Miller, Peter Miller Fine Art Gallery, Providence, RI, USA.

The poems have universal appeal. Our images are personal. Many readers will find their own meanings in both and that is part of the joy of this book. You can return to it time and again.

9 growing orbits

Poet, Rainer Maria Rilke summarises the elation we felt as this project came together,

‘I live my life in growing orbits

which move out over the things of the world’.

Certainly that was the experience Eileen and I had as creators and we hope it is the experience you will have as readers…

11 VP_Cover at angleFormat

Visualising Poetry is a 90 page, hard cover fine art book with dust jacket. It measures 25 x 21 cms / 9.75” x 8.25” and is printed on Mohawk Eggshell paper in full color.

Price; £42 / $65, exc p&p and any PayPal or bank charges.

To order, email:

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