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Aug 2013:  seven Leica M photographers meet to walk along the South Bank of the Thames.

Three of us decide to share our enthusiasm via a Leica Meet Facebook page/website.

Today: we have 10,000+ members from 50+ countries and have arranged Meets in London, New York, Paris, Boston, Wetzlar and the Isle of Skye with more to follow in 2016.

The Leica Meet taps into the passion of Leica photographers to see, shoot, share and socialise.

Check us out on Facebook + on our Leica Meet website

The Leica Meet

A Selection of Excellence, 2015

An outstanding example of contemporary Leica photography curated from the thousands of images submitted during our second 12 months.

We are lucky to have some extremely talented artists posting in The Leica Meet group and this book celebrates their vision and versatility across many photographic genres.

We have created three versions of our fine art book to suit all price points, two in print and one as an ebook. The books are printed on 148 gm Premium Lustre art paper, run to 104 pages and feature the work of 94 of our members.

A large size (33 x 28 cms) hard cover @ £89, preview/buy here

A mid size (26 x 20 cms) soft cover @ £43, preview/buy here

An ebook @ £7, preview/buy here

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The presentation below was given at our book launch on Dec 2nd 2014 sponsored by Leica Mayfair and held at their Studio S in Mayfair. It gives an idea of the backstory of The Leica Meet and shows some of the outstanding work of our members, much of which is featured in the book.