Street Photography

It’s about capturing life in the street, revealing the drama in the everyday. That’s it. Like any good photograph it needs to exude an energy which resonates with the viewer. It may capture a decisive moment, highlight drama and tension or just pose a question.

When the street becomes a road it overlaps with Travel Photography. When it involves a journalistic approach or street portraiture it starts to blend into Documentary. And that’s fine. Personally I see no need to be too precious about definitions.

However traditionalists see it differently. There are those who argue that street portraits should be excluded because they involve interaction with the subject. Shooting from the hip is also dubious, as is cropping the image in post processing and the use of a telephoto lens.

For these purists, street is the almost spiritual hub of all photography. But these aren’t rules, they are opinions I take the opposite point of view.

Creative photography in any genre is hard. Good street imagery is about mood and moment not minutiae. Get the shot. Use the camera you love and if you want to, manipulate the image later. This is not an excuse for sloppy discipline but I am encouraging creative play.

Most Recent Projects
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