Skye High

The Leica Meet trip to the Isle of Skye, Mar 8 – 11th 2015

“Loud the winds howl, loud the waves roar, Thunderclaps rend the air….” So goes the verse to the Skye Boat Song written about the escape of Bonnie Prince Charlie to the Isle of Skye. If it was true on Apr 16th 1746 after the Battle of Culloden, then it was certainly still true on Mar 9th 2015, when we set out on our Leica in the Landscape, Meet.

And through it all, while we staggered around in the wind and rain, our Leica gear including M film cameras, M9 and M240 models functioned perfectly. We didn’t know how weather resistant the equipment would be but we couldn’t miss out on the rugged and beautiful landscape of Skye, so we shot in pelting rain and never experienced any problems.

Reflecting on our Skye trip I’m struck by the parallels with using a Leica M. We were a small group, touring in mostly terrible weather for just a few days and yet we produced imagery we are proud to show. There is something in the challenge of those circumstances, the battle to do decent work, that made it exceptionally rewarding for all of us. In an age of convenience, 140 characters and do-it-all-for-you apps there is much to be said for striving before succeeding.

The parallel with the Leica M series is perfect. It doesn’t auto-magic everything, you need to know how to use a camera to get the best out of it and that takes time and effort. But the rewards are exactly the same as our Skye high.

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