Antarctica – if you go as a traveller, return as an ambassador

Antarctica challenges the sense. Mesmerising blues. Thunderous cracks as icebergs calve amidst the stilness of a vast pristine wilderness. 150 million years old, yet it tears at our conscience today. Its history speaks of discovery and heroism. Its headlines tell a story of treaties and protocols. How we avoid, break or simply ignore them whenever self interest is at stake. Above Antrctica the threat of climate change. On the surface, the tentacles of tourism and land exploitation. Under the ocean the dangers of over fishing and whaling. Rich in oil, gas, coal, iron and precious metals, the next gold rush has already started.

We’re not going to stop progress but for me as a photographer and writer, I can create awareness of the situation and hope that commonsense will prevail. My book, ‘Antarctica, A Sense of Place’ has been distributed by the WWF and my images used in their promoptional activity. You can preview and buy a copy below.

Perversely, the more you know about the Antarctic, the more you want to go. Enjoy it. It’s a fantastic experience. But please, if you go as a traveller, return as an ambassador.

My book ‘Antarctica, A Sense of Place’ is available here.

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