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Hi, I’m Olaf Willoughby, a photographer, writer, researcher and facilitator living in London.

My photography is about Pattern Detection, seeing the ebb and flow of energy around us. My stories involve everything from advocacy to collaboration with other artists or combining abstracts with haiku. Some are still evolving, some have completed their journey to a fine art book. Reaching that destination, getting work out there, is an exciting moment. Endings contain new beginnings…

Under the LightDance brand together with Eileen McCarney Muldoon, I’ve co-exhibited at the Peter Miller Fine Art Gallery in Providence and co-taught two workshops. One on creative photography at Maine Media College, Rockport and one on Street Photography in Brooklyn. Additionally we launched our book, ‘Visualising Poetry’. Check the LightDance page for details.  My work has also been featured in UK fine art, photo magazines and press.

Endorsed by The World Wildlife Fund via its marketing of 5,000 ebooks to help raise money for environmental causes. My book, ‘Antarctica, A Sense of Place’, is a 48 page, full colour hard cover/ebook combining photography and environmental advocacy. You can preview and buy the book here.

Over recent years I have spoken on the art of using storytelling to improve business communications on various platforms in London, Basel, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Athens and Chicago. Several of these presentations can be seen on Vimeo.


This year I’m honoured to have been invited back for a fourth year to co-teach a one week creative photography course, ‘Visual Conversations’, at Maine Media College, Rockport, Maine. My partner is Eileen McCarney Muldoon, a travel/fine art photographer based in RI, USA. We are also co-teaching ‘Western Masters, Eastern Insights’ at Santa Fe Workshops and are currently looking forward to our Street Photo workshop in Brooklyn in September.

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leicalogoI’m co-founder of The Leica Meet a Facebook/website group that currently has 12,500+ members. We’ve had Meets in London, Paris, New York and Boston. In Dec 2014 we launched our first fine art book, ‘The Leica Meet,  A Selection of Excellence 2014’ at a party in Mayfair, London, sponsored by Leica. We are now on our third annual, the 2016 edition. This is a rare opportunity to collect an outstanding example of contemporary Leica photography curated from thousands of images. You can preview and buy the book here

I was recently one of a small number of photographers interviewed by Leica UK about the Leica M camera, see video below.

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